Who we are

Who takes care of your pets?


We assume that you would like to know who you are dealing with, where exactly your pets end up and what you can expect. So I would like to introduce myself:

I'm Arina van Beers, certified behavioral therapist for cats and certified cat groomer.


As a former nurse, I was able to turn my hobby into my job in Curaçao. I can now work with animals every day. I get to groom them, train them and of course cuddle and love them. I graduated for cat behavioral therapist at the Cat Academy in 2021. I can apply the knowledge that I acquire here on a daily basis in the cat hotel, however, individual guidance is also possible.

The welfare of animals is our top priority. Your pet must feel comfortable in the temporary environment that is new to him or her. We therefore do everything we can to make guests feel at home as much as possible during the absence of their owners, so that they can leave with peace of mind.