Grooming Salon

Does your cat suffer from hairballs? Tangles? Felted fur? Cat grit between his toes? A strange smell? Long, sharp nails? Dirty at the tail? A dirty coat? Does she shed everywhere?


Then it might be time for a professional grooming session for him or her. A cat can usually maintain its coat by itself, especially on Curaçao, but some cats still need some help with this.


For example, when they get older and are no longer as flexible or if they are overweight and some places are no longer easily accessible. Then there are often tangles that make the cat feel uncomfortable and even painful. 


Also, some cats simply have a dense undercoat and that does not only apply to (semi) longhair coats. Then a good dewool session may help to better ventilate the heat and prevent tangles.

Also, some outdoor cats come home with half a green wildlife reserve in their fur that is almost impossible to get out.


Feel free to contact Cats & Pets for a cat-friendly, professional grooming session. 


A grooming session costs Naf. 50,-