Behavioral therapy for cats

Sometimes the behavior of cats can be a problem. Examples of this are: spraying, house soiling, aggression towards people or other cats, scratching furniture, obsessive behavior such as excessive grooming or tail chasing, fear/stress.


Sometimes cat behavior is natural behavior but is perceived as a problem by their owners.


In all these cases, behavioral therapy can offer a solution. Every cat and situation is unique, so as a behavioral therapist, I will work on finding a custom-made solution for your cat and situation. This is done by making an analysis of the problem behavior. This is done by means of a questionnaire and a house call. Based on this, a diagnosis is made, after which a step-by-step plan is made in consultation with you to change the behavior of your cat. Sometimes there is a physical problem and that is why, as a behavioral therapist, I will also work together with your vet.


Providing information is also one of my tasks as a behavioral therapist. Do you have questions about raising your kitten? Do you want to know about the best age for kittens to leave their mothers? Would you like to know how best to prepare your cat for the arrival of a baby? Do you want a cat and you don't know how to go about it? You can also contact us for these kinds of questions.  


A behavioral consultation, including a home visit, treatment plan and guidance costs Naf.150,-